Canine Brucella 10 tests

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Canine Brucella Antibody detection device

Bionote's Anigen Rapid C. Brucella cassette is a lateral flowic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of Brucella canis antibody in whole blood, plasma, or serum od dogs.

Canine Brucella Atibodies

Bionote offers 10 tests per box
these are single-strip tests

Principle of this rapid self test

Take blood from your dog to use this Sandwich lateral flow immunochromatographic assay to proceed to the Detection of Brucella canins antibody in whole blood, plasma, or serum directly at your kennel.

Canine Brucellosis testing
Breeding dogs should be tested on Whole blood, plasma, or serum.

  1. Sensitivity 93 % vs. blood culture
  2. Specificity 100 % vs. blood culture
  3. Detection limit No
  4. Reaction No
  5. Reading time <20 min
  6. Shelf life 24 months

Storage The kit can be stored at room temperature (2~30 ) or refrigerated. ℃

The kit is stable through the expiration date marked on the package label. DO NOT FREEZE. Do not store the test kit in direct sunlight.

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Advantages One-step testing procedure : Quickly & Accurately


1) Remove the test kit from the foil pouch, and place it on the flat, dry surface.

2) Take 10㎕ of sample to the dark score line of a capillary tube.

3) Slowly add 10㎕ of sample to the sample well with using capillary tube with a score line for volume of 10㎕ and then add 2 drops (approximately 60㎕) of assay diluent.

4) As the test result, you can see the purple band in the result window of the kit. If the migration does not appear after 1 minute, add one more drop of assay diluent to the sample well.

5) Interpret test results within 20 minutes. Please do not read after 20 minutes.

Caution: The above interpreting time is based on reading the test results at room temperature of 15 ~ 30°C. If your room temperature is significantly less than 15°C, interpreting time should be properly increased.

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    Zoetis Canine Brucella

    We used before the CB canine brucellosis antibody test kit from Zoetis but Anigen offers the same rapid slide agglutination test (RSAT) to test our dog channel for infection with Brucella canis.

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