Enigma ML

Enigma Instruments

Taking PCR to the Patient

Enigma has taken core technology from the Enigma FL added to it and adapted it specifically to meet the requirements of the clinical diagnostics market. The result is the Enigma ML (mini-lab); a system ideally suited to life in both the clinical laboratory and also at the point-of-care (wards, clinics, doctor’s offices, pharmacies etc.). It has been designed and developed according to the exacting standards required of in vitro diagnostic products.

The Enigma ML is portable and completely self-contained and it provides ultra-rapid, laboratory-standard results. It combines the speed and sensitivity of real-time PCR with the simplicity needed for point-of-care testing. The system operates with ambient stored reagents in a single disposable cartridge, removing the costly and time-consuming logistical and sample preparation procedures normally associated with PCR.

The Enigma ML has a modular, easily scalable architecture providing flexibility and choice in different healthcare settings. At entry level with a single processing module it is a compact, portable, inexpensive instrument ideally suited to settings where usage is lower and space is a premium e.g. in the doctor’s office, pharmacy or intensive care unit. At the other end of the scale, multiple processing modules can be controlled by a single master unit allowing random-access, parallel running of different samples and tests.

It incorporates a clever, disposable cartridge which can accommodate either liquid or swab samples without any requirements for manual processing. All reagents and sample preparation tools are held on the self-contained cartridge and all steps are automated, minimising the risk of human error. The instrument also has a simple to use touch-screen for data entry and result reporting, plus an integrated label printer.

The system can perform multiplex, real-time PCR assays for both DNA and RNA targets. It has a broad range of applications across infectious diseases, genetic testing and personalised medicine.